What is “United Dreams of Europe”?

United Dreams of Europe is the title of the current research project of the Foundation for Future Studies. Find out more by reading About the project.

What is the Foundation for Future Studies?

The Foundation for Future Studies is a non-profit foundation founded in 1979 as an initiative of British American Tobacco, based in Hamburg, Germany. You can find further information in the About section or o the Foundation's website.

Why is the Foundation for Future Studies an initiative of British American Tobacco?

British American Tobacco (Germany) believes in adding values to the community in which they operate. In accordance with this self-conception, British American Tobacco engages in the sustainability of our society and assists many different fields such as culture, education and science. Within the Foundation for Future Studies, the company wants to encourage a positive development of the society to enable better perspectives for the future generations. Find more about the operating responsibility here.

Is participation in the online project United Dreams of Europe free of charge?


Are there any conditions I need to know about before I participate?

Yes. Please read our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy carefully. You must accept them before your dream can be published.

Who can participate in “United Dreams of Europe”?

Everyone is welcome to join the project, including non-European citizens. So far eight politicians from the European Parliament, nine scientists, ten students and more than 15,000 other Europeans have taken part in the research.

How can I post my dream?

The Post Your Dream Button will guide you through the registration. Enter your dream in the textbox and complete your login by entering your name, country and a valid email address. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation link via e-mail, which you must verify before your dream can be uploaded successfully.

What will happen to my dream?

We will publish your dream on our website. You will find it on the European map in the United Dreams section. Your dream can also be “liked” by others via Facebook or become a tweet. Furthermore, a collection of all posted dreams will be published in a further publication and given to all members of the European Parliament, various think tanks and decision-makers across the continent to give them an impression of what people dream of.

How many dreams can I post?

There is a lot of space in the textbox so we hope that you will manage to post all your ideas in one dream. Please understand that only one dream from each person can be considered.

Can I post my dream in my native language?

United Dreams of Europe communicates in English, so please upload your dream in English language too, so that everyone is able to read and understand your dream.

Can I withdraw my posted dream or change my personal data?

You will have a preview of your posting before your dream is published, so you can check all the information you have posted. Please note that you cannot log in again. Of course, in urgent cases you can Contact us.

Can I delete my posting?

If you have posted a dream but you want to delete it, just send us an e-mail. We will take your dream off the website as soon as possible.

How can I link my dream to my Facebook profile?

You will find the corresponding Facebook plug-in when you register. After clicking the button you just need to log on to your Facebook account and your dream will automatically appear on your Facebook profile. You can find more information on the use of this feature here.

Can I delete the Facebook link from my profile?

Of course you can! Send us an e-mail and we will switch it off as soon as possible.

When will I receive my free copy of the book?

The book will be released in September 2011, so you will receive your free copy in the autumn. Please note: only the first 1,000 users whose dreams are published will receive a free copy of the forthcoming book.

Do I have to pay postal charges for the free copy of the book?

No! We will pay postage and packing.

Can I pre-order the book?

If you want to get the upcoming book without posting a dream, you can send us an e-mail with the reference “pre-order”. Name us your address and we will deliver you a copy shortly after the release. Please notice that you have to pay the recommended retails price plus postage and packing.

What will happen to my data?

Please be assured that we take the protection of your personal data very seriously. The personal data that you disclose to us voluntarily (e.g. your name, address or e-mail address) will only be used for corresponding with you and for the purpose for which you have made the data available to us. For further information, check out the Privacy Policy in our legal information.

I need technical support – who can help me out?

In any case, feel free to contact us.

I have another question…?!

In any case, feel free to contact us.